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How LLMs are changing the face of customer experience

Everywhere you look, business are in retreat from their customers. Unfortunately for customer-focused brands, when people are forced to choose between a competitive price and a flawless customer experience, price wins every time.

Web, mobile and cloud tech gave us the tools to provide a great customer experience along the happy path. One click shopping, next day delivery, a satisfied customer. But for every one happy path, there are thousands of ways that the experience can go wrong, and thousands of potential emotional reactions by the customer. Tech has never been able to deal with uncertainty or emotion. Until now.

Large Language Models have turned “uncertainty and emotion” into software problems. We can now code intelligent assistants that can:

  • Interpret emotional states
  • Learn brand-specific knowledge
  • Match customers to solvable problems
  • Invoke APIs to fetch data and perform actions
  • Respond at the level of the customer
  • Hand off to human operators when appropriate

We’re seeing customer experience automation expand rapidly beyond decision trees and simple pattern matching. Chatbot offerings like Intercom or Contact Centre systems like Genesys are moving up the stack, integrating LLM-powered capabilities to solve an ever-greater number of customer problems without a human in the loop. Brands are realising that what was once an intensively human process is now becoming a software problem, and building their own LLM-powered systems into their websites and apps.

Customers want their problems solved. When an LLM-powered system understands their situation perfectly, responds in natural language, matches their emotional state and leads to a resolution, it’s a delightful experience.

Clear Line Tech’s expert team is actively designing, building and deploying LLMs to save costs and increase sales for major brands. We’d love to talk to you about how LLMs can give your business an edge.